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Trojans Athletics

North Pocono High School


Trojans Athletics

North Pocono High School

Trojans Athletics

North Pocono High School

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Game Summary

1 year ago by Jose Joga

Boys Junior HS Soccer vs. Honesdale HS School

Game Date
Sep 28, 2019
: 2

The North Pocono Junior High School Boys soccer team surrendered their first defeat this season losing 3 goals to 2 @ Honesdale, PA.

North Pocono JHS Boys Soccer Team was down one goal at half time.  In the second half North Pocono was the better passing and possession team over Honesdale.

Tony Nguyen scored a beautiful goal put in the back of the net with one touch after he was assisted by Eliot Bowen.  

This was followed by a Honesdale goal putting them ahead 2 goals to 1.

With only 1 minute and 35 seconds to go, Honesdale committed a handball in the penalty box and North Pocono was awarded a Penalty Kick.

Eliot Bowen stepped up and put North Pocono back in the game when he tied the score 2 all with a perfect penalty shot on goal with ONLY one minute 35 seconda lef ton the clock.

As fortune would have it, with 5 seconds to go in the game, Honesdale had a breakaway goal beating our defense and catching our goalkeeper in "no man's" land slipping the winning goal just underneath the crossbar.
This last goal put Honesdale ahead 3 goals to 2, with 3 seconds left on the clock which was insufficient time for North Pocono to mount a counter attack,
There was no B Game as Honesdale does not have a B Team.

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